Established 2006

The Adirondack Ambiance Gallery

...a brief history

The original builder of our present establishment was Stephen Griffing, a commissioned officer in the Continental Army during the American Revolution, who fought at both battles of Saratoga. Griffing purchased the 240 acre farm in Thurman after the revolution, from a Tory who didn't want to live in the new republic. The purchase included Sugarloaf Mountain, and was on the banks of the Hudson River.

The family arrived by wagon in the spring of 1800. They lived in log huts until the house was built in 1804.

About 50 years later, Stephen's son, Nathaniel Griffing, cut the original house in half. He turned the homestead to face the river and built a wing on each side.

After another half century, the property left the Griffing family's hands. Eventually it became the Russell Boarding House, taking advantage of it's close proximity to the Thurman Station. Additional rooms and cabins were built for guests. Most of the structures remain on the property today, including the homestead's barn and carriage house.


With deep respect for the land, the buildings and the history, the present proprietor has carefully maintained what remains of Stephen Griffing's farm.

The lumber for our furniture was selectively harvested from the property. the sawmill to cut the lumber was designed and built here. The furniture presented in the Adirondack Ambiance Gallery was hand-crafted in the old barn with the pioneering spirit and skills of one man.

Our paintings are inspirations from photos taken by the artist in residence. These pictorial memories have been framed by the artist's multi-talented husband, using material from the forest and meadows of Thurman. Each item by the Rohes has been uniquely hand-crafted exclusively for...

...Adirondack Ambiance.

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