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Anne & Al Rohe along with their daughter Amber and son-in-law Barry Morris...

Anne and Al met in 1966 while Anne was attending college at SUNY New Paltz. There she earned her Elementary Education degree with a minor in art. Anne's career involved teaching in Florida, where they lived for thirteen years, as well as New York. Her artistic inclinations had not been commercially explored until 2006, when she and Al opened the Adirondack Ambiance Rustic Furniture and Art Gallery across from the Thurman Station location of upstate New York.

Al used his many creative talents to support their family of five through the years, mainly with sign painting, auto body work, pinstriping, landscaping, carpentry, masonry, welding and gardening. Now his chief concentration is maintaining the Griffing Homestead, established in 1804.

The main house is currently used to display Al's rustice furniture, carved fish, loons and owls. This historic gallery location also houses Anne's beautiful paintings of local scenes, uniquely framed with Al's Adirondack flare!

Barry & Amber Morris

Amber Rohe Morris, the youngest daughter of Al and Anne, graduated from Warrensburg High School in 2000. She completed her BFA at Green Mountain College and subsequently, her MLA at SUNY ESF. Having spent most of her life in or near the Adirondacks, she is continually inspired by the unique patterns, colors and textures of the region's natural landscapes. Trained as a Landscape Architect, Amber's residential designs seek to pay homage to the rich ecological and cultural heritage of the Adirondacks, rather than impose a pre-deterimed vision onto the land. Her fascination with the visual complexity of the region has most recently led to a series of photographic explorations of the uniqueness of life in the Adirondacks.

Amber's husband Barry Morris is a lot like Al, and has often called himself a "do-everything-er." From woodworking to welding, carpentry to maintenance, certified auto technician to heavy equipment operator, class A truck driver to blacksmith, he has accumulated a great deal of skills over the years.

Barry has absorbed so much from so many people that he now enjoys the ability to take on most challenges that come his way. He prefers making things that are new, beautiful or useful, and maybe all three at once. Life compels him to create, but he has discovered that with many interests comes the challenge of proper focus. As a result, he has refined his scope to blacksmithing and associated artistic endeavors, leading him to open his own business simply named, Adirondack Blacksmith


Anne and Al welcome you to view their complete display, as well as hand forged items by Barry at Adirondack Ambiance located at 792 State Route 418, just outside the town of Warrensburg, New York.

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